Famous millionaire singles even billionaire all around the world

Today we continue to talk about some famous millionaire singles and billionaire singles all around the world, what the definition we talk about the eligible bachelor be thought as a man who have young, being single and look as a millionaire or billionaire. As the last article we mentioned, many millionaire singles popularity in local social circle and famous in single women when they talk about who they want dating with.

Scott Daniel Duncan was born in 1983, is a billionaire singles in US, he also is the only heir man of Duncan family fortune. He is a secret, wealth single man. His fortune keep increasing since he was a child especially after the old Duncan left him up to the 5.5 billions. Almost all of the shareholders of Enterprise Products Partners under his control. Still being single, girls!

Tor Peterson is a millionaire single, no, he is a only American billionaire single who benefit from Glencore International PLC and wealth up to 2.5 billions. He are in control of global coal business on that bulk commodity giant company in Switzerland. He’s spent his childhood in State of California and graduated from Duke University.

Eduardo Saverin, a handsome man with owned the 5 % of the Facebook’s shareholder in total. As we all known that Facebook is the world’s second largest popularity social site and help him into the list of millionaire singles and billionaire singles. He claimed quit his American citizenship in 2011 and live in Singapore. You should spend your night in Filter in Singapore, it is said that he is the frequenter of this pub.

Nicolas Berggruen, his father collected over thousands of the artworks since the end of world war two including the works from Picasso and Paul Klee. He begun to manage the wealth of Berggruen family after he graduated from the New York University and made the wealth grows exponentially by his hands. But it is difficult to meet him if you settle down at the anywhere on this planet due to his regard the hotels that located on different countries and regions all around the world as his home. Obviously, he is one of the members in millionaire singles and billionaire singles.

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