Some famous millionaire singles even billionaire all around the world

As what a nun told my mother about marry with rich man or ordinary man almost simple as same one when she was a girl in senior high school. It could given her much courage on the way of seek millionaire singles and married with my dad fortunately.
There’s only 63 single billionaires being single in global billionaire list, or about 3 percent. And only left 25 people if want date with a millionaire singles from this list and the age below in 60 years old. It seems hardly to achieve your dreams but keep patience because there still somebody get a success. In 1990’s, Natasha Bacigalupo, a journalist in Forbes, was meet a millionaire single called Dirk Ziff and get married, now, what her lifestyle is spent time in vacation year by year.

We collected some famous millionaire singles and write that series of articles to make somebody learn them and keep courage on the rich dating way. Every girl has the rights to meet luxury life.

Jack Dorsey
He is a 36 years old millionaire even billionaire single for his 1.1 billion dollars assets. He is a famous man in San Francisco for his successful technology companies including Twitter and Square. While this guy still on the way of seeking his partner. I guess you could twit some information to him with a tag at jack.

Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila
If you regard him as a car it must be a supercar, owing to handsome, young, graduated from Harvard, owned the world largest beer brand and a small island in Caribbean sea. But he is greatly popular in sexy and young ladies.

Xavier Niel
He has been arrested by underbelly of a trade in France, while you should transfer your attention on his achievements. He was known by people as a serial entrepreneur. It’s also the biggest shareholder of Iliad, which is the most largest telecommunication enterprise in France. He might be send a gift called the copyright of < The Way You Look Tonight> if the fall in love with you and catch his mind.

In the next articles we will updating the rest of famous millionaire singles and billionaire singles.
Wish you seek you millionaire single lover as soon as possible.

Herman Z

Reviewer & Editor

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