Some unique wealthy chat and dating reality shows

With the refinement of wealthy chat and dating shows appearing on television more frequently, what the editors and planers who arranged the TV show and want keep the audience rating better than before despite the bearing a lot from the attacks from the new media.
Here we are talk some unique wealthy chat and dating reality shows as follow.

Cupid Love
The international super model, Tyra, have lead a reality love show named cupid love, which start to broadcast at 2007. The most interesting thing on that show is how come to win Tyra’s love from your fifteen competitors no matter men or women from different cities, families and education backgrounds. It seem funny but force well after they begun to seek the love from their idol and it seem as a hard way to them but most of the keep going on. That show mixed with the complicated love, gorgeous stage effects, wealthy chat, parties and shining fashion shows.

Brother to brother
The man called Brody who been known at the reality show named Hollywood girls, has seek a special brother for himself as a star from nine boys. The one who wining this could have the chance to enjoy the lifestyle like what described in male magazine after they past the big test to prove themselves as a interesting and reliable man and able to match with Brody. They also have the chance to attend dream dates such as skydiving in Las Vegas, cruise on Pacific ocean. The loser would be kick out every weeks by Brody, it start to broadcast at 2008.

Mommy dating group
In this reality show, what the most interesting thing is the three mums replace their sons, actually their kids are all over 20 years old, and dating with the 32 different kind of girls from different jobs like doctor, model, teacher, lawyer, driver, dancer and so on. What they want is selected out the only one who want married with her son. In this shows the girls must be living at the some house with moms nor the males, what the show want to showing us is the processes they deal with that relationships. Also the sons must considering what the most important woman in their mind from their real thoughts. In my opinions, that is a preview in after married life.

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