The Australian millionaire singles married with beautiful wife

Recently, Neville Crichton,one of the famous billionaire and millionaire singles and 71 years old man, has hold his luxury wedding in the university of Sydney. It was reported by over the hundreds of the news media and abroad which be thought as the luxury wedding in AUS, it also matched with the regular imagination of the public.

Neville, the bridegroom, also have nickname called him Croaky, who living at the Point Piper, Sydney. He has operating a luxury class car sales company for the inland customers and benefit a lot from it and also standout from sailing. As the same, the bride used to worked as a manger in Dior.
The grand wedding they held has more influences in local upper class that over 250 guests attending the wedding and their total wealth more than 6 billion dollars according to some statistics. Some of the guests might has the members in millionaire singles club and graduated from the wedding location.

The cost of that wedding ceremony over one hundred million dollars and the wedding location, great hall, has last 158 years history since it been built to hold it. The wedding dress of the bridegroom has been decorated over hundreds of the diamond by the famous designer. I think the most eye opening matter is the wedding guest list that it concentrated almost the ninety percent of the local upper class people including many millionaire singles. For example, Lindsay Fox, the owner of trucking and logistics company Linfox worth and is 3.1 billion dollars. Jack Cowin, Canadian-born owner of fast food company Hungry Jacks and shareholder of Domino's Pizza, the enterprises worth 1.78 billion dollars.

It is said that the new couple choose their honeymoon destination at the Europe but not yet exactly where the countries they will arrive.
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