The reason why many single moms prefer meet single rich man

The principles of dating and marriage are the same despite you are meet single rich man online that the two people in that relationship are hope to get warms and satisfaction in it despite others thought you are hardly achieved it. There are many single moms living with their child after they are free from the last miserable marriage, some of them struggling in the poor finance while someone still sink in the sadness and hurt. Most of them said that they are more likely to date rich man instead of the common single men especially have the same characters as their ex-husband. As far as I am concerned, my feeling about that women are full of depression which thought they are full of disappointed about the men and would reject to meet the new man, while, much to our surprised is they refused to enter the marriage easily but still willing to date with others if they thought the feelings all right.

Here we are analysis the reasons for many single moms prefer to meet rich single man instead of the marriage.

One. Quality over quantity
As a experienced woman in worse marriage and escaped from it now, date for a long time is better than jump into another unlucky marriage, in the last marriage the personal values for themself or social aren’t the places to put and work well and they always hoped would be restart someday. They passed they ages when crazy in love without any hesitation if they felt alright already but more cautiously than before. It’s better if the men quality over the quantity and it also proved that they are on the way with right direction.

Two. I am the strong women
Women would felt full of the energy and sink in the happiness of reborn after set themself free from the broken marriage, they must be stronger than before no matter in quality of life or heart. They might be a girlie-girl before into marriage and crazy in love, after living in unhappiness marriage for years, they are learned how to treatment well in housework and raise babies. Moreover, they don’t like a doll in a can of honey.

Three. Childrens bullying behaviors
As a greatest job in this world, mother, I think there are anyone could cherished the children than their own mom, as a single mom, they are eager to be loved and hold in arms by lover. But they are more concerned about their children’s safety, for example, marry with others and consist new family is easy but set a harmonious phenomena is difficult if the new husband have same babies no matter they dating rich guy or not.

Herman Z

Reviewer & Editor

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