What the predicament existing in single farmers at present

With the time goes by, our daily life has been changed by different but useful new technologies and it seems non-stopped, while despite by this situations, the agriculture still and also act as important role in daily life and produced by many old farmers and single farmers as their hard work. In the one hand, they are just like the life’s guard to protect us and avoid from the hungry and living better. On the other hand, the single farmer still suffering the loneliness day and night in the peaceful countryside areas. Like most of us have faced different type of dilemmas as well as them, but they are more likely being single for a long time even though they do not the willing to.

Loneliness has occupied the farm jobs
According to the survey from French Ministry of Agriculture shows that there are 30 percents of the agricultural population being single and appears much more single farmers and ranchers especially true in the age between 18 to 35 years old single rural men. The first and foremost because they are paid much more time on their works in order to avoid the sense of lonely attack them again.

Dating harder
Magna is a single farmer who living in France and being single over 7 years since he ended the last relationship, he is a strong man despite looked older with the white hairs when you first meet him, he almost quit the idea for seek a lover by himself for the broken and failure dating experiences, the farm of him located in north areas and far away from the Paris, his life is dull for me that the regular rest time, teach others the traditional dance and chat online if he felt lonely. The most impressed he said to me is the single people left me alone when they known I am a farmer.

The farmers dating sites appears and goes well
Based on these situations and it also means the huge market in farmers dating sites online has been set to serve for the single ranchers and other single people who living in countryside areas. Beside this, there are some TV shows been broadcast in order to help them and broaden the ways of farmers dating just like the other kind of dating.

The reasons they left alone
Women hoped their husband is the one who have intelligence, brave, high incomes and living colorful life yet men hopes the woman they loved has few of the hopes for them.

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