Farmers dating website tell us the truth of farmers life

Recently, to make an arrangement with single handsome farmers, I registered as a new member on a farmers dating website to hoped that I can seek some like-minded people as lover as soon as possible. Fortunately, after 7 days tried and I finally seek the first single farmer as a potential lover. His name is Van, a 26 years old single rich farmer living in Texas, and inherited a family farm from his father’s hands and operating it well even expand it in few years. We met online and sent the personal photos to each other that we have a clear idea in what the appearance do he or she like and talk deeper and deeper beyond the greeting. After 4 months later we decided to meet face to face. That day is a wonderful day, I was fascinated by his fitness body size and handsome appearance, we have sex at that night, but I finally discovered that I’m not the only one so we end up that relationship.

After through the four different kind of the single farmers I have a related clear idea about farmers life, here we are talk about it.

1. Farmers love their land and work so much.
In nowadays, you are hardly to seek such a great man who have the passion to doing what they gonna do than farmers. Working over 10-12 hours a day even longer is their basic work especially much heavily in harvest seasons. Faced with the different kind of the extremely weathers they must tried their best to defeat and adjusting, they also brave and like-minded.

2. They are decisive
The lifestyle between farm countryside and downtown have many differences no matter in time schedules, arrangement even the dinner time. You may enjoy the afternoon tea with your friends in a sunlight afternoon time with laugh and thinking after you felt tired in work, the ways of relax in downtown are variety like coffee bar, table game, massage and so on. While, can you enjoy these in rural areas? In my opinions, hard to touch it. On the contrary, farmers would make full use of that time especially in the bright days, they are so many things to deal that have less time to break like your afternoon time.

3. They are busy
It is a natural that you have few time to see your farmer lover even stay with him due to they are paid more attentions to the farm affairs rather than losing the interests with you. In the harvest seasons, they are not only gather the workers to gather the mature grains and cows together wait to sell but contact the cooperative partners in business.

Herman Z

Reviewer & Editor

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