The extraordinary things in single farmers

Where’s the most concentrated places or areas of single farmers in United States? I think most of the answers from different kind of the people is the rural areas and farm. Yes, exactly, most of the farmers living and working at that places for doing what their own business and works and the best places for produces of agriculture. Once upon a time, the United States is a agricultural country and act an important role at that time, but with the time goes by and the development of society, more and more separate from the agricultural industry and into the other industries left few people insist on, but they don’t worry about the labor shortage while the agricultural machines into use and more popular.

Based on this, here we are some extraordinary things about single farmer and farmers dating to telling you and hoped you can get a lot from that.

1. The media expressed the farmers impression is out of date even stereotype one.
What is your impression of farmers? I think most of the people have the image of them that the muddy clothes and dirty boots with a cigar, the sheep and cow around them, the bad smell from them, right? Don’t be confused by them, while, on the contrary, at present most of the young single farmers have the college degree and received the related and professional agricultural courses. They are not that old and out fashioned one. Furthermore, they have the clear idea about how to use the medicines and new technologies in emergency situations.

2. Their life is tough
It is extraordinary that most of the single farmers thought that their own life is hard even tough, because they have idea about what the next day life would be. They are more easily broken down by the unpredicted extremely whether like hurricanes and so on. Over 10 hours per days and few time to rest make him felt so tired sometimes.

3. The lonely life
Most of the single farmers said that they are so lonely that no matter in work and daily life, they rural areas are less people than downtown and most of the single farmers be forced to date or married with the local cowgirls or rural single girls due to they are lacked the suitable new one to date. After the development of the online farmers dating sites and apps helped them seek another new one.

Herman Z

Reviewer & Editor

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